Live Forever: 191th Meeting of WrocLove Speakers @ Nokia Technology Center Wroclaw, Wroclaw [15 listopada]

Live Forever: 191th Meeting of WrocLove Speakers

18:15 - 21:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Nokia Technology Center Wroclaw
Green Towers,Strzegomski 36, 53-611 Wrocław
Would YOU want to live forever?
For the thousands of years the main goal of medicine has been to prolong life, yet until now the main efforts were targeted on fighting the consequences of ageing.
Today we're closer than ever before to attack the root cause of all old-age diseases — ageing itself.

In fact, the first anti-ageing therapies may be available during our lifetime.
Does the idea of life extension seem appealing to you?

Michał Kowalczyk — Toastmaster of the Night

At Wroclove Speakers you’ll overcome fear of public speaking, learn to create and deliver a speech properly in a friendly and supportive environment.

5 additional reasons to join us:
+ Meet great people and enjoy the atmosphere
+ Improve your English and communication skills
+ Improve your leadership skills by organizing and conducting events
+ Learn how to formulate your ideas and present them confidently in public
+ Receive and give valuable feedback – there are no instructors, every opinion counts

If you are late or have trouble finding us, please call:
Michal: 609 452 179
Zain: 882 134 518
Marek: 662 268 493
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