Education Culture and Society Conference 2018 @ Instytut Psychologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego, Wrocław [od 11 do 13 września]

Education Culture and Society Conference 2018

11 - 13
16:00 - 23:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Instytut Psychologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego
ul. Dawida 1, 50-527 Wroclaw, Poland
#ecsconference, #educationculturesociety, #journalofeducationcultureandsociety
The main topics are usually problems of contemporary education related to the cultural and social change. We especially invite transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary scholars as one of our aims is to avoid the sometimes unclear divisions between different branches and disciplines as well as to promote knowledge above all boundaries.
We invite all papers, yet especially those dealing with the following:
modern challenges of education, culture and society
problems in education related to the social and cultural change
issues in higher and adult education
the idea of the university in the modern world
academics ...and academic work in the contemporary times
cultural and social experience
gerontology and Third Age education
foreign language acquisition and learning
religious education in the world of mixed values
The application form (please find it here: should be sent by 30th April 2018. Participants will be provided with a computer and a multimedia projector. Presentations should be saved in the .pdf format (PDF Reader). The allotted time for each presentation is 15 minutes (+ questions and discussion). The language of all proceedings (lectures, papers, posters, discussions) is English.
This year we plan two additional sections: an online section and networking section. An online section is an answer to those of you who cannot come in person due to various reasons – there is an allotted time of 10 minutes for a video presentation. The presentation should be made available to the organisers at least 30 days before the conference and they reserve the right to reject a presentation due to quality issues. The networking section is for participants who either look for partners in their research projects or with to participate in a project.
Internet site of the conference
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