Sunset with Foreigners in WrocLove - Edition #2: Colombia @ Księgarnia Hiszpańska Wrocław La Librería Española de Wrocław, Wrocław [15 lipca]

Sunset with Foreigners in WrocLove - Edition #2: Colombia

17:30 - 21:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Księgarnia Hiszpańska Wrocław La Librería Española de Wrocław
Szajnochy 5, 50-076 Wroclaw, Poland
The world is big… or so they say. If you don’t have time to explore it all, there are other ways to do it and one of them is attending this event. Come and interact with foreigners who will talk about their countries of origin while sharing their traditional food and drinks — that’s right: by just paying 25zł, you’ll be able to get it all… and more: music, prizes, and international vibes!
Wrocław is known for being the capital of love in Poland, so let’s experience it while feeling the good vibes that you and others have to share. Don’t miss out this opportunity to meet foreigners and hear about their culture surrounded by a magical atmosphere of the sun going down as the night will approach. See you all in this edition of Sunset with Foreigners… in WrocLove♥ #sunsetwithforeigners #sunsetinwroclove

About the Colombian speaker
David moved to Poland some years ago and fell in love with this country. Apart from Spanish, he speaks fluent English and German so communication isn’t an issue when it comes to him. Currently, David is a project manager in IBM and member of Speaking Blue: a public speaking initiative where he has been improving his oral and leadership skills. If you want to hear what he has to say about his motherland, just come and witness a unique Latino-style presentation.

About the Colombian cook
Yina came to Poland less than a year ago straight from Villavicencio (Colombia). She is a professional engineer with many years of experience who has been practicing English non-stop since she moved here (and a bit of Polish, too). As a good Latina mom, she masters the art of cooking which she has been perfecting at home and abroad. Yina will delight us with her culinary skills while showing us some delicious Colombian dishes. Come to try them yourselves!
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