Passion: 225th Meeting of WrocLove Speakers @ Przyjaciele i Znajomi, Wrocław [11 lipca]

Passion: 225th Meeting of WrocLove Speakers

18:15 - 21:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Przyjaciele i Znajomi
Grunwaldzka 98, 50 - 357 Wroclaw, Poland
Passion — that fire that burns within you. That doesn't let you sleep, eat or talk without thinking about it.
That one thing that is always on your mind. That one thing that you would do anything to be great at. That one thing that you want to do as often as possible.

Do you have a passion like that?
What are your passion(s), if any?
Is passion innate, that we just have it or can it be cultivated with conscious effort?

Let's talk about the one thing that is same for all great sportsmen, politicians, leaders, actors, musicians, artists and yes of course public speakers and toastmasters :)

In addition to talking about Passion, we will listen to 4 prepared speeches (one of which will be an icebreaker for our newest member), as well a session of improvised speeches and evaluations.

Looking forward to see you all.

M Zain Ul Abidin

At WrocLove Speakers you’ll overcome fear of public speaking, learn to create and deliver a speech properly in a friendly and supportive environment.

5 additional reasons to join us:
+ Meet great people and enjoy the atmosphere
+ Improve your English and communication skills
+ Improve your leadership skills by organizing and conducting events
+ Learn how to formulate your ideas and present them confidently in public
+ Receive and give valuable feedback – there are no instructors, every opinion counts
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